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The Red Shoes

Prudence Howard can be described in many ways.  Youngish, industrious, beautiful, sexy, daring…calculating, mercenary.  It all depends on who is doing the looking.

When she is on Aruba to write advertising copy for the famous shoe designer, Carlo Minelli, Prudence discovers he is killing thousands of the Green Iguana that are native to the island.  He uses the skins for his latest shoes.  The story revolves around stopping him as Prudence is passionate about saving animals in the wild.



Zabel  a novel   c. 2015

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If you consider the earth sacred, you will want to read this book. 

Zabel is raised to be a warrior queen but she vows to defend the ways of the Great Mother. Her greatest challenge comes when she must decide how to protect her loved ones from the greed and covetousness that would destroy them.

Masterfully plotted, Pearl Gray sheds light on the plight of 12th Century women. A novel of love, courage and fate, set in southern Anatolia and France. Zabel clashes with the powerful forces that demand religious conformity.

A potent social document that is also an inspiring adventure. Rich in sensuous detail of character and landscape, Zabel is a story of loneliness and community, despair and joy.BookCover10



also by Pearl Gray and Ellie Thorburn :   Salt Spring Island A Place to Be

Discover a magical mixture of ingredients that makes Salt Spring Island one of the most appealing places in North America. With a multiracial heritage, a unique form of government, a host of lifestyles based on creativity and free expression, and a vibrant art community, this is more than a place to live or visit – It’s A Place to Be!

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