Editing Workshops

Pearl Gray has lead many writing workshops and has, herself participates weekly and monthly with editing groups comprised of other published authors who edit each other’s  manuscripts.

Keep your reader reading!

By editing 3000 words of your manuscript, you will learn to increase
suspense by developing good narrative pace. Also, you will develop the skills
necessary to create bursts of stress, strain and pressure. In other words,
produce the tension and anxiety readers relish.

Book a workshop at:  pearl@pearlgray.ca


Beginner Novel and Memoir Writing Workshop

Start that novel or memoir you’ve always wanted
to write.  Participants will sketch a plot for a novel or create the focus
of a memoir. In these sessions, topics will be offered for practise writing. The
results will be read aloud with short discussions by the group to follow.

Book a workshop at:  pearl@pearlgray.ca